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This mesmerizing metal flow toy can be manipulated in beautiful and surprising ways. Tap the stack of 5" metal rings and watch as they pop open into a three-dimensional kinetic sculpture. Roll the FLOW RINGS down a stick, rope, or even your arm to create the illusion of a metal soap bubble. It spins continuously and effortlessly as it moves up and down - from one arm to another, or as you pass it to a friend. Watching it glide is just as mesmerizing and addicting as it is to use. The visual effect is truly magical. Constructed from a single strand of stainless steel. Carrying bag included. Get your groove on and feel the movement!

  • Geometric sensory spring toy
  • Great fidget toy for school / office use
  • Recommended for ages 6+
  • Best used on bare skin
  • Carring bag included 
  • 13 intertwined stainless steel coils
  • 5" in diameter (when flattened as a ring)
  • Available in 2 colors