Knuckleroller Monkey Fist

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From the Knucklebone comes the iteration of the Knuckleroller. Skill toy that develops finger coordination. It's made with paracord to offer extra grip and a wide arrange of colors to suit your personality. It is a discrete toy since it's small and makes no sound when dropped. Many find this toy to be stress-relieving due to the natural repetitive motion of the play.

Knucklerollers can be a great tool for physical therapy. Its use aids with finger mobility which in turn helps improve in all type of musical instruments from guitar, piano, flute and other activities done with the hands such as typing. It also helps promote blood circulation to the fingertips which might be beneficial for people with RSI (Repetitive strain injury), arthritis, carpal tunnel and other hand lesions.

Note: Colors may differ slightly from photos. Black begleri bag included

All begleri is tied in-house by NGN

Keep your hands busy and your mind at ease!