The Master Bundle

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This bundle includes:

  • A 5x5 QiYi 5x5 that is a sturdy-built, non-magnetic 5x5 that has an upgraded design and has attracted a lot of speed cubing lovers. Out of the box, it is buttery-smooth on all layers and it boats excellent corner-cutting freedom.
  • A QiYi Master Pyraminx that is a higher order, 4x4 version of the Pyraminx. This extra layer adds to the complexity of the solve. 
  • A QiYi Megaminx is QiYi's first budget Megaminx to feature a sculpted design. The sculpted ridges help you to grip the puzzle better to avoid locking up or losing control. Layer rotations are smooth and corner cutting is good. 
  •  A 3x3 Gear Cube that is the perfect intermediate cube. The Gear cube is smooth on turns, has a nice color, and very fun to solve. The 3x3 Gear Cube is an eye-catching puzzle to say the least! Equipped with plastic tiles and a sturdy mechanism, this puzzle is fun and challenging to solve!