Timer + Matt Bundle

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This bundle includes:

  • The QiYi infinite mind mat, the mat has two mounts where a timer can be attached. These are standard mounts that fit most timers including QiYi timers The material used is commonly found in mouse pads, which means that the mat can be used as a mouse pad with speed cubing motifs and comes with a bag to transport. This Mat is 3 mm. thick which is 50 % thicker than usual. This means that you get a good impact absorption effect when the cube is quickly dropped on the table when you put your hands on the timer. The included mounts can be screwed on with a standard screwdriver and are not mounted on delivery. The motif is a speedcube with various algorithms, mathematical formulas and sketches. The mat measures 50 x 30 cm. The mounts that come with the mat do not fit the GAN smart timer & Speedstacks G5 timer
  • The QiYi Timer,  features a curved design with touch tensors that tilt towards the middle of the timer. It uses AAA batteries (not included with the timer). The sensor provides sensitive hand touch control. The innovative design of automatic score calculation allows you to see the progress at a glance when you are playing. Equipped with 2.5mm external interface, which can be connected to major brand monitors. Anti-slip design: 6 anti-slip pads are properly distributed on the back, not easy to slip off. Product size is 108*29.5*11.8 inch, easy to carry.